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Introducing a revolution in printing technology

To help compete and win, your business technology needs to do more – for less. Your busy office demands a solution that will simplify processes so that your staff can work more productively. Obviously, those solutions need to be affordable too.

At Stirling Business Machines we understand that success is measured by results. We will build a complete solution around your businesses needs and finds ways to meet your performance goals. All the while providing you with innovative ways to maximise efficiency whilst minimising costs. Talk to us today to see how we can reduce your printing cost significantly – You will be astounded at the difference a ColorQube printer can make to your business.


A Printer With Excellent Colour & Great Savings

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Print impressive colour documents every day with a solid ink printer – no more laser toner to worry about.

Now you can afford to add the power of colour to everything you print. Your documents will get noticed with the vibrant, glossy colours of the Xerox® ColorQube®.

Make every printed document stand out.

colorqube-solid-ink-printerUnlike laser printers, solid ink’s printing process fills the gaps in your chosen media to create a new surface, while delivering a more consistent dot shape for superior print-quality uniformity and brilliant, saturated colour.

Choose the perfect combination of quality & speed for any printing situation with 4 different print settings.

Unique printing price plans deliver big savings.

You no longer need to pay expensive colour prices for small amounts of colour. With the ColorQube® Hybrid Colour Plan, you only pay for the amount of colour used on the page. Most traditional printing pricing models offer a black & white or colour option. The ColorQube solution identifies the amount of colour used on the page and the pricing is calculated accordingly. On most colour pages, you will notice a significant price reduction.

Further Benefits of the ColorQube® range of printers include:

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  • Fast Results
  • Cartridge-free technology
  • Single touch scanning
  • Scan to & print from USB devices
  • Less waste from consumables
  • Fewer consumables used
  • Non-toxic & mess-free
  • IT network ready